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The insanely hardcore hoodie designed to outlive you.

Our client Vollebak has created a phenomenal hoodie destined to be your new must-have sidekick on every adventure. Produced with our 100% Kevlar® Fleece, this hoodie has given new meaning to the term indestructible. The 100 Year Hoodie is designed to outlive you and literally “has your back”. Not convinced? Check out the video below…

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SSM Industries – A Proud USA Manufacturer

SSM Industries, Inc., values their “Made in the USA” heritage and label. As a cutting edge fabric manufacturer, founded and family owned since 1982, SSM caters to patriotic customers and serves a wide market looking to buy “Made in the USA”. Under the leadership of Scott Hilleary, President, CEO, SSM Industries makes its mark as…

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Flame Resistant Fabric | DuPont Nomex ® | DuPont USA

Inherent versus Treated Flame Resistant FabricsWhat are the differences between “inherent” and “treated” flame resistant fabrics?Inherently flame resistant fibers are materials that have flame resistance built into their chemical structures. Aramid fibers from companies like DuPont create inherently flame resistant fibers, with brands such as DuPont™ Kevlar® and DuPont™ Nomex®. The actual structure of the…

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