Industry Leading Pro-C Cotton Fabric with Transdry Technology

Pro-C Cotton with Transdry Technology

According to Orbisresearch’s “Global Atop Countries Flame Retardant FabricMarket Report” for 2017-1022 the demand for fire resistant cotton globally spiked in 2016. Projections for 2017 are estimated to be on the same trajectory if not more. The longterm outlook for the next 5 years, indicates a healthy growth pattern is emerging.

Our Pro-C Cotton Fabric with Transdry Technology was one of the first leaders responding to the requirements of the industry. It remains today to be one of the more relied upon fabric offerings for customers where high arc ratings along with excellent moisture wicking properties are required. 

We stand poised to respond to the needs of our customers, assisting them to meet the demands of the ever-growing marketplace. Reach out to a representative for more information on our full line of customizable high tech fabrics.
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